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                A North Shore Arts and Ocean Alliance Fundraising Collaboration
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Visit the gallery to place your bid or bid by phone 978.283.1857.
Own a piece of history! Original artwork by NSAA Artist Members on historic Paint Factory roofing slates.
All bids start at $100 - bidding ends July 30th at 5pm. 100% of proceeds benefit NSAA and Ocean Alliance
of Gloucester building restoration. (All slates are approximately 24"x12")
Lot 1 After Winslow Homer
by Andrea van Gestel
Lot 2 Ocean Reporter
by Jude Abbe
Lot 3 Underwater World
by Donald Doyle
Lot 4 Paint Factory
by Marny Williams 
Lot 5 Loyalty
by Betty Lou Schlemm 
Lot 6 Manufactory
by Anne Demeter 
Lot 7 Cod
by Phyllis Bezanson 
Lot 8 Paint Factory
by Jeff Weaver 
Lot 9 Oake's Cove
by Herb Randle 
Lot 10 Skyscape
by Susan Kelley 
Lot 11 Sailing Gloucester Harbor
by Christine Pitman 
Lot 12 Yellow House On The Water
by Larry Pumfrey 
Lot 13 Tarr and Wonson Manufactory
by Susan Manning O'Briant 
Lot 14 Calm Sail
by Brent Rotsko 
Lot 15 Ocean Applause
by Barbara Donnelly 
Lot 15A Enlightened
by Ellen Whitman
Lot 16 Three Flower Pots
by Nancy Caplan 
Lot 17 White Whale
by Charles Shurcliff 
Lot 18 Beautiful Bird
by Michele O'Neil 
Lot 19 Gulls
by Dolores Erickson Reid
Lot 20 Right Whale
by Christine Whalen-Waller 
Lot 21 Koi
by Gayle Macklem 
Lot 22 Whale and Calf
by Anne Demeter
Lot 23 Night Scene
by Carole Loiacono 
Lot 24 Iris
by Katalin Spang 
Lot 25 Sky and Sea
by Frank Federico 
Lot 26 Breach
by Anne Demeter 
Lot 27 Flowers and Pears
by Nancy Caplan 
Lot 28 Coming and Going
by Heidi Caswell Zander
Lot 29 Home Away From Home
by Paul Ciaramitaro 
Lot 30 Sabrina Marie
by Nancy Alimansky 
Lot 31 Sunrise Birds
by Joan Steinmeyer 
Lot 32 Buoys
by Judythe Evans Meagher 
Lot 33 Ten Pound light
by Lynne Loscutoff 
Lot 34 Gloucester Sunset
by Bonnie Gray 
Lot 35 From The Harbor
by Sharon Jordan Bahosh 
Lot 36 Nightfall Sail
by Richard Giedd 
Lot 37 Fishermen
by Dennis Poirier 
Lot 38 Holding Hands
by Judy Pumfrey 
Lot 39 Majestic Sky
by Phyllis Feld 
Lot 40 Observing The Storm
by Betty Lou Schlemm 
Lot 41 Portrait Of A Whale
by Jonathan Hotz 
Lot 42 Pink Sky
by Dolores Erickson Reid 
Lot 43 Summer Day In Gloucester
by Carolyn Jundzillo 
Lot 44 Windy Day At The Beach
by Marion Hall 
Lot 45 Swans
by Kathleen Staab 
Lot 46 Lane's Cove
by Eileen Patten Oliver
Lot 47 At Rest
by Elizabeth Peck 
Lot 48 Aquarobics
by Marilyn Swift 
Lot 48A Pears
by Doris Sumisby
Lot 49 Sea Turtle
by George Martin 
Bidding ends July 30th at 5pm.
Bid are accepted by phone

Thank you for your support!
Lot 50 Sailing By The Paint Factory
by Peter Tysver 
Lot 51 Peggy's Cove
by Joan Benincasa 

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