Guidelines . . .

You must use the form below to register your artwork for submission. Click here for all exhibitions regulations. Note: Dues must be current to exhibit your work.

  • Exhibition 2 (Juried Artist Members): Up to two (2) original works per artist to be juried.
  • Showroom (Juried Artist Members): Up to two (2) original works per artist, and should not exceed 56” framed.
  • Bins (Juried Artist Members): Shrink-Wrap: Up to three (3) shrink-wrapped pieces will be accepted.

Acceptance of all showroom works are as space allows.

Please contact the gallery if you need assistance: 978.283.1857 or [email protected].

Exhibition Registration

  • You will need to use one form per entry. Please use proper capitalization for all fields.
  • Numbers only - Example 16x24 NOT 16"x24"
  • Whole dollars only - Example $1,525 NOT $1525.00
  • Tell us about this work: location, inspiration or anything you think might be important for us to convey to a potential buyer.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.